Australia: Who is eligible for Medicare?

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OSHCglobal - You are eligible for Medicare benefits if you

  • are an Australian or New Zealand citizen
  • are an Australian permanent resident
  • have applied for permanent residency (some conditions apply)
  • are a temporary resident covered by a Ministerial Order
  • are a citizen or permanent resident of Norfolk Island, Cocos Islands, Christmas Island or Lord Howe Island
  • are covered by a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement with another country

What does Medicare cover?

If you have a Medicare card, you can get free or lower cost:

  • medical services by doctors, specialists and other health professionals. If your doctor bulk bills, you won’t have to pay for anything
  • hospital treatment
  • many prescription medicines

The benefits (refunds) you receive from Medicare are based on a schedule of fees set by the Australian Government, although doctors can choose to charge more than the set schedule fee. Medicare usually pays:

  • the full schedule fee for general practitioner services
  • 85% of the schedule fee for a specialist
  • 75% of the schedule fee for in-hospital services

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OSHCglobal (Source: Healthdirect)