Why do you need OSHC?

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OSHCglobal – International students undertaking formal studies in Australia, and any dependents (e.g. spouses and children under 18), must have OSHC while they remain on a student visa. Hospital and other medical treatments in Australia can be very expensive for international students. This is because international students are not covered under the Australian Government’s ‘Medicare’ public health insurance system.



Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is insurance to help you with the cost of medical and hospital care while you are in Australia. OSHC will also pay limited benefits for pharmaceuticals (medicines) and ambulance services.


What is the need as well as the rights and responsibilities of international students when buying this type of insurance services? Giles Newmarch – Regional Director for Asia, Medibank AHM Group – Australia’s largest provider of student health insurance has shared this issue.

Please tell us why international students need medical insurance when they come to Australia?

Mr. Giles Newmarch: According to statistics, nearly 19,000 international students study in Australia every year. OSHC is a form of medical insurance for overseas students studying and living in Australia. This is one of the mandatory regulations of the Australian Government. Visa study abroad requires students to have OSHC and must maintain this insurance throughout their stay and study in Australia. OSHC helps international students cover the costs of medical treatment and hospital treatment in case of illness or accident while living and studying in Australia.

For another reason, medical services in Australia are very expensive. If you do not have OSHC, you have to pay for hospital treatment, which can cost up to thousands of dollars. This will add to the financial burden on parents and students. While you are in good health, you can guarantee your learning, especially in a climate that is not adaptable to you. Therefore, OSHC will give you the right to health care. When you start your independent life abroad, with OSHC you will be entitled to the current health benefits in your home country. Overseas medical costs are very high, and if you do not have insurance, you will not be able to afford it. And AHM is a necessary companion to keep you from getting caught up in medical treatment in Australia.

How does AHM support students while they are studying in Australia?

Mr. Giles Newmarch: AHM is one of Australia’s largest medical insurance companies belonging to Medibank Group – Australia’s largest insurer. AHM is also the first company to develop this type of service for international students. Over the past 15 years of development, AHM has affirmed the trust of our customers when they choose to participate in our health insurance. AHM is committed to providing all the benefits that international students will enjoy, such as paying 100% of the medical bills, payment for testing services, first aid, hospital costs. You can even choose doctors, private or public hospitals according to individual needs of international students.

What is the advantage of AHM over other companies that specialize in this insurance?

Giles Newmarch: Fast, convenient is one of the top advantages of AHM. In cases where Vietnamese students can not express their medical details fluently with their doctors, AHM will have an interpreter to assist them. In addition, AHM also has Hotline 24/7 service – 24/24 emergency help line. At the same time, the same type of product service, but the cost of customers to spend more “soft” than other companies.

Before choosing to study abroad, will parents and students be consulted about this health insurance?

Mr. Giles Newmarch: Of course. Overseas study firms may associate with different schools to bring international students to study, however, an important requirement of the Australian Department of Immigration is that students must have OSHC certificate will be accepted at the time of study. AHM is represented in most countries. AHM’s international student visa is recognized by the Australian Department of Immigration. OSHCglobal is our official representative. OSHCglobal will issue a certificate confirming the purchase of OSHC, on behalf of insurance and timely information for students and parents.

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