What is a waiting period?

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SSDH - A waiting period is a period of time that you may need to have your private health insurance before you can use it for various treatments or services.

If you upgrade your cover, you may also need to wait a period of time before being able to access any extra benefits you got from upgrading.



If you’re not sure if you’ve served your waiting period, it’s always best to check with your insurer before the treatment or service to make sure you’re covered.

The following standard waiting periods apply for hospital cover:

  • Palliative care, psychiatric and rehabilitation services – two months
  • Pre-existing conditions, ailments or illnesses – 12 months
  • Pregnancy (including childbirth) – 12 months
  • All other treatments included in your cover – two months
  • Treatment resulting from an Accident sustained after joining– no waiting period

If you need psychiatric services, in certain circumstances, you might be able to upgrade your cover without a waiting period, once in your whole lifetime.


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