Understanding about Pregnancy and Maternity coverage.

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OSHCglobal - If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant when you are studying in Australia, you might wonder which benefits and support services from OSHC are available to you. These articles will figure out, describes the options related to your pregnancy and maternity cares. It is important to understand OSHC policies that help you make the choices that are the best for you.


Which benefits for pregnancy and maternity will be covered by OSHC?

  • Antenatal care during pregnancy. You will meet the doctor (GP) or midwife and may be offered the tests, scans or check-ups to check for anything that may cause problems during pregnancy care.
  • Maternity medical expenses in-hospital treatment, whether you spontaneous delivery or caesarean birth.
  • After-birth treatment, infant-caring services and immunization expenses.

If you have just found out you are pregnant, it’s very important to see your doctor (GP) or midwife, they will give you important information about your pregnancy care.

You are required at least 12 month waiting-period for all pregnancy related conditions. If your waiting-period time under 12 months, all the medical expenses will not be covered.


Who will you see when during your pregnancy?

  1. The doctors (GPs – General Practicioners): The medical doctors who firstly be able to confirm your pregnancy and estimate when your baby is due. They will check your overall heatlh, ask for your medical history and to give advices that keep you and your baby healthy.
  2. Midwife: A health professional trained to support and care for women during pregnancy, labour and birth. Midwife helps you stay healthy in pregnancy, care for you and your baby in the first few weeks following the birth.
  3. Obstetrician: A doctor with specialist qualifications in delivering babies and providing medical care to women during antenatal care and postnatal care. You might choose to have an obstetrician look after you throughout your pregnancy and to deliver your baby. If you are having your baby in a public hospital, you might only see an obstetrician if there is a medical need.

Where can you deliver the baby?

There are several options for where you could have your baby. It is important to find out and choose the public hospital or private hospital which is the best for both of you and your baby. You may find the hospital network partnered with insurance providers here:

How much does it cost?

Having a baby in Australia can be expensive – especially if you’re not covered by Australia’s publicly funded health care system, Medicare. The cost of having a baby will vary depending if you have your baby in the public or private hospital. Be sure to check that your OSHC covers maternity care and waiting-period time required before you can claim.

Understanding your OSHC Pregnancy Cover

You’re covered for any pregnancy related services including ultrasounds, blood tests, childbirth or termination, but there’s a 12 month waiting period for any pregnancy-related services if you have a valid OSHC. So make sure you have the cover you need for you and your baby and check your policy information for the level of your pregnancy cover.


  • If you add your partner or your children to your Single policy, the amount you pay for OSHC will be increased.
  • If you add more children to your Couple policy, the amount you pay for OSHC will be increased.
  • If you add more children to your Single Parent or Family policy, the amount you pay for OSHC will NOT be increased.

When you have to upgrade your policy?

You’ll need to upgrade your policy within 60 days of your baby’s birth date.

Adding your baby to your policy

Once your baby is born, contact your OSHC provider to add them to your policy. Alternatively login into your member account on the website and add the dependent onto your policy.

You must add your baby within 60 days of their birth date to avoid waiting periods and to make sure your baby is covered for any medical services they may need.

If you are looking at OSHC, you can check out the prices and purchase insurance please contact OSHCglobal Team for further information and assistance.
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