How to use your health insurance cover effectively?

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OSHCglobal - Are you an international student in Australia? What to do if you feel unwell? How to use  your health insurance cover effectively?Here are the tips and guidance links are very useful and important related to your health cover. Let's find out here:



??? - ?????????????? ???????? ?????? (???): the listed medicines available to be dispensed to patients at a Government-subsidised price. (

??? - ???????? ???????? ???????? (???): a listing of the Medicare services subsidised by the Australian Government. (

???? ? ??????? – Let’s look into the Direct Billing Network – clinic/ medical center has an agreement with insurance provider which help reduce or eliminate the upfront payment you would normally be required to make at the time of your appointment.

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????? ?????? ?????? ??? - On-demand safety & wellbeing for students. Sonder is trusted to care and ready to respond to the safety and wellbeing of students – every minute of every day. Fee using when applied OSHC Allianz via Annalink OSHCstudents.

???? ?????? – contact Annalink: ????

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