How do you pay for ambulance costs in Australia?

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OSHCglobal - Medicare doesn’t cover ambulance costs. When it comes to ambulance services, each state runs their own services. Your options are listed in the table below:


State you normally live in Options to fund Ambulance services
  • Pay yourself
  • Use Private cover (included in most Hospital or Extras covers)
  • Pay yourself
  • Use Private cover (included in most Hospital or Extras covers)
  • Get an Ambulance subscription
  • The government covers you everywhere, except for in QLD and SA.
  • If you travel to these states frequently, you could consider private cover, or you’ll need to pay these costs yourself.
  • The government covers you everywhere in Australia.

It’s worth noting:

  • Some states offer free or subsidised ambulance services to pension and concession card holders. Check your state government website for more details.
  • Some states have agreements with other states to cover their residents, and vice versa. What’s covered under these agreements changes, so if you travel interstate frequently, it could be worth considering private cover or a subscription.
  • Some covers, subscriptions and agreements between states only offer cover for Ambulances by road, and not air. It’s worth checking the detail of what they’ll cover, before making your decision.

OSHCglobal (source: Bupa)