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How to find a doctor in Australia?
OSHCglobal - Access these links and fill all required information to find a doctor near you.
Checkups, scans and tests during pregnancy
As part of your antenatal care you will be offered a number of check-ups, tests and scans. Some tests are offered to every woman as part of normal antenatal care in Australia. Other tests will be suggested if you or your baby have a higher risk of problems or are experiencing any concerns during the pregnancy. You don’t have to do any recommended tests if you don’t want to — it’s your choice.
Understanding about Pregnancy and Maternity coverage.
If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant when you are studying in Australia, you might wonder which benefits and support services from OSHC are available to you. These articles will figure out, describes the options related to your pregnancy and maternity cares. It is important to understand OSHC policies that help you make the choices that are the best for you.
The comprehensive services for international students and foreigners during their stay in Australia from Allianz Care Australia
Allianz is one of the leading healthcare companies in Australia offering its customers comprehensive services. These are the following Allianz’s best services.
SONDER AUSTRALIA – Student safety 247
Sonder Australia provides access to a student safety network, which can provide 24/7 in-person critical incident assistance when required.
It is important now more than ever to maintain your physical health, mental health and wellbeing. That is why Allianz has launched a series of FREE online instructor-led classes designed to support physical and mental wellbeing.
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