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Australia's Reciprocal Healthcare Agreements.
These are agreements with some countries where visitors can get publicly funded medically necessary care.
Medibank OSHC Online Doctor App support you any time.
Now our Medibank OSHC policyholders will be able to see a doctor right from the comfort of their homes
Getting proof of your COVID-19 vaccination without a Medicare card.
If you don’t have a Medicare card, or are not eligible for Medicare you can get proof that you have had your COVID-19 vaccination by:
How much does dental treatment cost in Australia?
Dental treatment can be expensive (especially major dental). However, the cost will vary based on which clinic you visit and which procedure you need.
Dental insurance in Australia.
Almost three in five Australians delay dental treatments due to their expense. Maintenance from a professional is crucial to protect those pearly whites, but it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.
COVID-19 vaccination: Commonwealth vaccination clinics in Australia
This document contains details of Commonwealth COVID-19 vaccination clinics across Australia.
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