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Things you need to know about a pre-existing condition.
 If you’ve got OSHC, OVHC, you can find out about pre-existing conditions
Will you have to wait again if you change your health insurance?
Waiting period in health insurance plans is the period. Let's find it 
General Practitioner vs. Specialist, What’s the difference?
General Practitioner vs. Specialist – What’s the difference? See more the following information.
The role of GP in Australia
General practitioners (GPs) treat all common medical conditions and refer patients to hospitals and other medical services for urgent and specialist treatment. They focus on the health of the whole person combining physical, psychological and social aspects of care.
Health insurance for 500 Student Visa
The Department of Home Affairs requires almost all student visa applicants to have OSHC. There are a few exemptions for students from Sweden, Norway and Belgium, who may already have special arrangements under their own national schemes.
How many insurance policies are there?
What is a single premium insurance policy? Who need this policy?
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