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How many insurance policies are there?
What is a single premium insurance policy? Who need this policy?
How to use your health insurance cover effectively?
Here are the tips and guidance links are very useful and important related to your health cover. Let's find out here:
Why are there waiting periods? What happen if you change your health insurance?
Waiting periods are in place to protect both customers and health insurers. By having a ‘waiting period’, people are not able to make a large claim shortly after joining, and then drop insurance straight after.
What is a waiting period?
A waiting period is a period of time that you may need to have your private health insurance before you can use it for various treatments or services.
How do you pay for ambulance costs in Australia?
Medicare doesn’t cover ambulance costs. When it comes to ambulance services, each state runs their own services. Your options are listed in the table below:
How much does an Ambulance cost in Australia?
Ambulances can be expensive in Australia? How much does it cost?
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